Why The Home Furnishing Industry Is Suffering!

We are all aware that our country has issues with the debt ceiling. Here in the State of Illinois we cannot pay our bills. Our legislature continues to show no direction with the Democrats blaming the Republicans and vice versa. Unfortunately, I would suggest that in business we make most of our own problems. In …Read More

The Truth About Maintaining Wood Floors

Today, more than ever, wood floors seem to be more popular. Most homeowners consider wood floors to be a long term investment that enhances the value of their home.  The fact is that wood floors require special maintenance – especially in climates like Chicago. When selling or buying a wood floor it is imperative that …Read More


I might be committing retail suicide but at some point you need to fire your customers. Bottom line is that no business today can afford to keep unprofitable customers. No business today can afford to keep customers that abuse good employees and push you past your limits. The sad reality is that dealing with customers …Read More

To Lend or Not to Lend

Recently a question was sent to me via our website from a sales manager from a carpet showroom on the west coast: