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Should I use white marble for my kitchen countertops?

The trend toward using white marble in kitchens seems to be here to stay. More and more, our customers are requesting white marble for their kitchen remodeling projects. The purpose […]

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Why professional carpet installation is so important and what it takes to install carpet properly!

Last month I talked about the selection and purchase of carpet. In this article I want to address some of the reasons that it is imperative that carpet be installed […]

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What’s involved in the selection, purchase and installation of carpet?

It is important to realize that the average person purchases flooring once every seven or so years. Given that statistic and how fast technology is changing the world we live […]

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The Truth About Maintaining Wood Floors

Today, more than ever, wood floors seem to be more popular. Most homeowners consider wood floors to be a long term investment that enhances the value of their home.  The […]

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