Insurance Program

Helping You Recover Maximum Replacement Compensation for FREE!

You can call us even before you call your insurance company. We’ll come out to determine the quality of the product and extent of damage. We’ll prepare a 100% accurate estimate that you can hand over to your insurance adjuster who will be happy to receive it. This insurance program offers benefits to you and your insurance company.

Insurance Program Benefits

Here are the benefits of our insurance advocacy program that has been helping customers for more than a decade. Our estimators:

• Speed the replacement process for your flooring or other Lewis product
• Make sure your insurance company’s estimate is 100% accurate and reflects the true cost of a “quality” product replacement
• Get you every dime you’re entitled to from your insurance company
• Work compatibly with over 20 different insurances companies and 10 different restoration companies
• Save time; get you money; save the day

Why Your Insurance Company Will Love us Too

We’re not just an advocate for customers, we’re also an advocate for your insurance company. We actually make their job easier and faster because we generate our own estimate that you can hand over directly to your insurance adjuster. They can trust our estimate 100% because we also use Xactmate—the same exact software your insurance company uses. It asks the same questions. We fill out the same answers. We pay quite a sum each year to be able to use this industry-accepted tool. It takes special training to use it, but it’s worth it.

But here’s an advantage our estimate has over theirs. Their adjusters can’t possibly know products like our estimators do. LFH estimators know current LFH prices and what it will cost to replace, repair (or refinish) whatever was damaged. Sometimes their adjusters are unable to identify the product—Nourison carpet, for example, versus a more economical brand—but we know exactly what brand the product is and what it’s worth. We provide details and price points on the form, so adjusters usually accept our estimates readily and the insurance company proceeds with the best part—providing the correct dollar amount for your claim.

Our insurance program can easily mean more money for you. Count on us to get you through those dark and stormy days as the reigning—and brightest— insurance service around.

For insurance inquiries please contact Dave Coulam at 847-835-8734 or