COVID-19 Update

With the passing of the Memorial Day weekend I wanted to give our customer’s an update on what we are doing to keep our customer’s safe while allowing them to shop for the products they want and need to make their homes the comfortable warm place we all want to come home to.

First and foremost we are following all the State of Illinois guidelines for opening as well as all CDC rules and regulations. Additionally, we are collecting information for customers should contact tracing become necessary. We have increased our cleaning, requiring masks, providing hand sanitizer and closed off the children’s play room in order to make for a safer environment.

We are encouraging all customers’ to work by appointment. What we have discovered is that there are some significant advantages to operating by appointment:

First and foremost our sales representative will not be tied up with another customer during the appointment period. This will allow for an uninterrupted selection experience which is much more efficient and reduce the waiting time to see our sales representative.

Second the sales representatives can prepare for the appointment when appropriate by pulling items that they feel will be of interest to the customer before the customer arrives which also saves time and limits the customer’s exposure in our store.

Third by scheduling appointments we can space out the number of individuals in the store in order to better comply with social distancing issues. This will allow for a safer shopping experience for everyone involved.

Fourth and possible the most important is it saves our customer’s time as we can be quicker while helping to assure everyone is taken care of professionally to find exactly what they are looking for. While we have quite a bit to see and explore, now is not the time to linger around a retail environment. Getting in and out without unnecessary exposure to others is what we are striving for.

Regarding installation and measuring in customer’s homes we are again following all CDC guidelines. Measure people are wearing masks and asking homeowners to stay at least six feet away while we are measuring in the home. Also for installations we are asking the customer to leave the residence unless there is an area that is far enough away from the installation space again to help assure we are doing everything to stop the spread of this disease.

For customer’s that are not yet comfortable we are holding their materials in our warehouse until they feel it is safe for us to come and install in their home. Our customer service department is doing everything possible to let our customer’s know beforehand what to expect once installation starts.

Like all other brick and mortar retail this has been a very difficult time for us. However as a family business that has operated in Northbrook since 1954 we look forward to seeing through this pandemic and emerging stronger than ever. We have over 3 million dollars of stocking materials that are available almost immediately for those of you that have immediate needs.

Finally, our installers are simply the best. They install the products like they would want them installed in their own homes. Now more than ever, it is important to support local businesses. Appointments can be made on via email or by calling the main number (847) 835-2400 and requesting an appointment. We are currently open seven days a week in order to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible.

We look forward to the day that Covid-19 will be in everyone’s rear view mirror. However until then please understand it is our goal to provide a safe shopping experience with a selection of the best products the world has to offer. If you have any specific questions please contact us and we will do everything we can to make your experience one that makes you want to smile every time you walk into your home and see your newly decorated environment.

Steven Lewis