JD Staron

JD Staron are artists and designers who travel the globe, and translate the world into rugs for design professionals.  They specialize in crafting and producing unique floor coverings for all types of design projects. Established leaders and innovators in the field, the company takes special pride in its creative designs and qualites. The end result; Staron’s styles and textures are both luxurious and sophisticated, with a fresh twist on old traditions.

JD Staron’s Unique Weaves

JD Staron’s EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE allows them to recreate the beauty and the excellence of ancient weaves, their sumptuous designs complete with traces of oxidation and abrush.  However, Staron to express his artistry and his creative spirit, and to make the rugs more appealing to contemporary clients, he intentionally modernized the color palette, introducing up to date tones to give the collection a creative and contemporary twist.