My basement floods and I’m tired of replacing my carpet!

Once in a while a product is invented that is truly a game changer. After having been born and raised in the flooring business and spending the better part of 55 years around my family business, I believe it has happened. I remember like it was yesterday when DuPont brought out Stainmaster fiber in late 1984.  They featured a little boy in the highchair and his blue airplane food tray that hit the floor in every commercial. Since then there have been introductions of other fibers from Anso IV to Smartstrand but carpet is still pretty much carpet. 

Yes there have also been changes in the hard surface arena. Wood floors have become much more eco friendly and engineered flooring has become more readily accepted. Laminates went from being the rage to a very small percentage of our sales. Vinyl on the other hand has exploded due to a couple of major improvements. 

First came the improvements in looks. Sheets goods went from a bad 1960 looking tile to a product that offered both style and easy maintenance. Then came better visuals in vinyl plank and vinyl tile. All of a sudden vinyl did not look like vinyl. Amtico had luxury vinyl tiles that were truly unique. The stigma of sheet vinyl was gone. Now we have floating vinyl planks and tiles that carry commercial warranties. 

These products are preferred for lower level areas that are susceptible to water. Not only are the planks and tiles impervious to water, they can be lifted up, cleaned and replaced with very little effort. While some vinyl tiles and planks require a full spread adhesive, tiles from Karadean and/or Elevations require only perimeter glue or taping. This allows for easy board or tile replacement in the unlikely event a piece is damaged. The materials lay flat, have a great wear layer and have a high percentage of recycled content making them very environmentally friendly.

Because the floors have great visuals they are a great alternative to wood in kitchens and bathrooms. While these products are relatively new to theUnited Statesmarket they have been being used inEuropefor about five years. In fact it is not uncommon for a home owner to take the floor with them when they move! Other advantages of this product include that fact that is doesn’t have that hollow clicking sound when you walk on it, it is easier on your feet than ceramic tile and is very easy to maintain.

So if you haven’t seen this product and have a water problem in you home, I urge you to take a look. Floating vinyl is the product that I believe will help solve your water issues and make your home beautiful and stylish!

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