Purchasing carpet over the internet vs. a reputable local retailer … buyer beware!

People shop the internet for carpet and other flooring products. For purposes of this discussion I am going to limit my thoughts to purchasing carpet over the internet.  One needs to first understand everything that will ensure a carpet installation goes smoothly. When the customer has selected their carpet style and color, only then does the fun start. First the area to be carpeted needs to be measured accurately. Often seaming is required which should be discussed. The positioning of carpet seams and how visible they are represent one of the major stumbling blocks in pleasing the customer. 

Assuming that the measurements are accurate, the carpet must be ordered and shipped to someone who not only can receive it but make sure that it has not been damaged during shipping. After the carpet is unloaded and received, scheduling needs to be arranged for delivery and installation to the customer. Many times the customer is not ready and the carpet needs to be stored in a safe and secure area until the customer requests installation. Once the installation is scheduled the carpet needs to be cut into pieces according to the diagram and inspected for manufacturing defects.  Assuming that everything goes as planned the carpet is staged for pickup by the installer with the proper cushion.

If during any of these steps there is a problem the customer expects the retailer to rectify the problem and stand behind what they are selling. When a customer purchases through the internet they are not dealing with one company but many. First they often must hire at their own expense a measuring service to determine quantities and seaming layout. Then they must find a qualified installer to both receive the carpet and pair it with the appropriate cushion. While this sounds easy let me assure you that many rolls of carpet weight over 500 pounds and delivery is tailgate. This means that it is the buyer’s responsibility to take the carpet off the truck. Without special equipment this is almost impossible. Furthermore, the carpet needs to be kept dry and in a clean environment.

Finding professional installers that can install today’s carpets can also present a challenge. Many carpets have patterns which require both more material to match the pattern and greater skill to install correctly. Additionally more carpets are being sold that are woven construction as opposed to tufted which are much more difficult to install.

The simple facts are as follows. When you purchase carpet from a reputable flooring company they handle not only the above but also deal with any issues regarding the quality of the materials. The retailer is responsible for scheduling the installation, receiving the carpet, cutting the carpet, supplying the proper cushion, delivering the carpet, removing the old carpet and pad if necessary, moving the furniture if necessary and installing it correctly.  I would ask, what is the value in making sure that all these steps are being handled by one professional as opposed to separate interests?

The retailer has access to the manufacturer’s representatives if there is a problem with the carpet. They have access to professionals to measure the area needing carpet. They understand what to look for including but not limited to whether doors will need to be cut, whether the furniture will require special equipment to move and how doorway transitions will be handled. We employee only Karastan certified installers that are bonded and insured. Furthermore, we offer one year free spot cleaning by a certified carpet cleaner on our carpet sales.  I would argue the value is not all in the price but value is in piece of mind. Oh yes we have a customer service department that is staffed with people who have an average of 12 years service to deal with the inevitable problems that arise in these type of projects. Remember the best surprise is still no surprise when buying and installing carpet.

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