Great choices lead to great design!

Today more than ever customers are demanding more choices. The internet has opened up a whole new arena for customers to explore options that can be used to furnish and decorate their homes. HGTV has given customers yet another venue to observe style trends without having to leave their home. Gone are the days when …Read More

Now is the Best Time to Buy Wool Carpet

Wool Carpet represents everything great about carpeting. Wool carpets are available that have great style and durability at prices historically low when compared to their synthetic counterparts. Worldwide demand for wool seems to be increasing. However, while wool carpets have increased slightly in price during the past year they have not seen the price increases …Read More

Successful business depends on communication.

No matter what business you are in without communication your business is destined to fail. Great communication leads to success. Lack of communication almost always leads to failure. After all, everyone knows that information is powerful. Rarely do the weak win. It’s the strong and powerful that usually end up winning. In business it’s all …Read More

What’s involved in the selection, purchase and installation of carpet?

It is important to realize that the average person purchases flooring once every seven or so years. Given that statistic and how fast technology is changing the world we live in it is no surprise that most people are relatively clueless when purchasing carpeting for their home or office.